Indoor and outdoor tiles, what is the difference?


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Indoor and outdoor tiles, what is the difference?

August 15, 2017

Tiles are a commonly used and popular decorating option for any custom home build, home renovation or home extension. They have endless uses and possibilities both indoor and outdoor. So, what is the actual difference between and indoor or outdoor tile, and why can’t one can’t be used for both?

Outside Can Be Rough

The wear and tear of outdoor spaces means that your outdoor materials for your home need to be a lot more durable. When you consider the constant walking, rollerblading. skateboarding, kids playing, furniture scraping, garden pots shuffling and rough materials hitting treatment you’re your exterior usage receives, it’s no wonder your outdoor tiles will need a bit of added strength.

Tis the Season

Your outdoor tiles need to be able to stand extreme weather events, such as heavy rain, heat waves, constant sunlight, hail, or heavy winds throwing about objects. In order to do so, most exterior tiles aren’t glazed, or if they are the glaze is much thicker than that of an interior tile. This is because normal glazing tends to crack under extreme temperatures and force.

Slippery When Wet

You don’t want your outdoor tiles to become slippery every time it rains! For this reason, most outdoor tiles have a textured surface, to help shoes grip and reduce the chances of any accidents.

Adding tiles to your home exterior can be a great way to update the feel of your home. If you’re thinking about a home renovation or home extension contact Sunlover Homes. We will come to your house and assess the site and discuss in detail what you want to achieve.

Sunlover Homes has many satisfied clients throughout the Gold Coast, who have sent their thanks and appreciation for the integrity of the work and professional courtesy they received. Give our Master Builders, Todd or Brett, a call today for a site assessment and advice on your next house renovation or house extension.

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