What You Need to Know About Renovating a Luxury Bathroom


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What You Need to Know About Renovating a Luxury Bathroom

December 15, 2017

Even though they are some of the smallest rooms in your home, having a bathroom totally renovated is anything but a small project. The demo and rebuild will require close to as many design and functionality decisions as a kitchen renovation, especially if you are wanting to add a bit of luxe to your space. Here are the top things you need to know about renovating a luxury bathroom.

  1. When you want luxury and relaxation, you will have to splurge a little. Some choices to consider are things like dual sinks, extra storage and counter space, separate shower and tub or a toilet room. If you have the space, or can steel some space from say the closet, the splurge will give you the luxurious bathroom renovation you’ve always been wanting and not just the basics that you needed.
  2. Try a different material, like stone instead of porcelain. If you want an exceptional space, some materials will be sure to disappoint you. Adding a natural stone vanity top or a luxurious grand natural tile is going to go a long way towards adding increasing the value and the appeal of your new bathroom and home.
  3. Have fun with extras. Luxury is all about the extras. Consider adding fixtures like a jet bath, steam shower, double head shower or heated floors. The biggest extra to consider is space. Adding space wherever you can in the bathroom is what is going to give it its biggest luxe appeal.

A total bathroom renovation can dramatically change the appearance and value of your home, taking even the most lacklustre surroundings and injecting modern touches and a stylish finish. Talk to Brett and Todd Faulkner, from Sunlover Homes, and we will let you know how we can make your dream bathroom a reality.

Todd and Brett have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry with twenty-five years of building and renovating residential properties on the Gold Coast. We stay with you throughout the process of your bathroom renovation to ensure excellent workmanship and quality finishes.

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