Renovating Advice: Load Bearing Wall Fixes


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Renovating Advice: Load Bearing Wall Fixes

September 15, 2017

Let us start by clarifying what exactly a load bearing wall is: A load bearing wall is a structural element of your home that helps bear the weight of the roof. Basically, it’s one of the walls that is put in place to keep your home standing upright and secure. You cannot just remove a load bearing wall. There are steps and fixes and checks and a whole bunch of procedures that need to be followed if you are looking to renovate one of these walls.

Alright, so, you’ve got one and you want to remove it or change it. Here are some renovating tips to help you fix your load bearing wall troubles.

Getting Rid of It Completely

The short answer is that ‘yes, it’s possible’. The longer one, is that there are a whole host of factors to consider including cost, which is especially true if the wall contains any piping and/or wiring inside of it. Keep in mind, if this wall is removed structures have to be added to do the walls job of bearing the load once it’s removed. Depending upon your space and size this could be an even uglier or inconvenient fix, so you need to plan this carefully for the design and budget aspects before taking the next step.

Getting Rid of It Completely

Create a Column

In this fix, you can cut down on costs by removing most of the wall and keeping the load bearing beams in place. Place plasterboard or Gyprock around the beam to create a clean looking column, or if you’re looking to add an industrial design in your home, keep the beam exposed.

Create a Window

This is a great option if your budget can’t fit removing the wall. You need to confirm that there are no pipes or wiring in the wall, and if not, the cost will be considerably cheaper than the other two fixes. Creating a window in the wall by cutting away a small section of it is perfect if looking to add the feel of an open planned design to your home. It also still gives you the ability to utilise the corners of the room.

Before beginning any renovations you should consult with a licensed builder. They can help you select the best option for you and/or recommend alternate ideas that will suit your space and budget perfectly.

Create a Window

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