Top Renovation Mistakes


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Top Renovation Mistakes

November 15, 2017

A renovation is supposed to add value to your home, but sometimes they can go badly. Here are the top renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bad Painting

It’s the first thing you and everyone else will notice, because it’s on literally every wall. If it’s done badly your home will suffer for it. Alleviate yourself by hiring a professional painter. Sunlover Homes can assist you with finding a qualified painter, insuring that all of the time and money that has gone into your renovation will have value with a great finishing paint job done by professionals.

Ignoring Obvious Problems

They’re usually the most expensive things to fix, but the most important ones. A big problem like a fault or crack in your wall or ceiling needs to be fixed when you are doing a renovation, otherwise no value will be added to your home. Don’t ignore it, just work it out in your budget and fix it!

The Quick Fix

No matter if the rest of the renovation is stunning, people are going to notice your quick fix. Like a painting hung over a hole, a fast and cheap patch up job just isn’t going to cut it.


A budget is a budget for a reason. Don’t overspend! It’s one of the most common mistakes, and the one that can seriously hurt your renovation the most. Be realistic about what you have to spend and don’t go over, no matter how tempting the purchase is.

Sunlover Homes on the Gold Coast can project manage your home renovation from concept to completion, so you can be assured the process will be seamless and you will get the results you desire. We look after our clients and treat their homes as if they were our own. We specialise in home renovations and extensions and can even construct your custom home if you are starting new.

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