What to Do if Your Tradie Lets You Down


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What to Do if Your Tradie Lets You Down

December 5, 2017

Communication is the biggest part of any home build. So, when problems arise or your tradie lets you down, what do you do?

If you begin with clear, honest communication most issues can be avoided. It is especially important to continue on with this throughout the project. If you see something you’re not happy about, speak up about it and don’t wait until it’s too late to fix. You are the client after all, and your satisfaction is the goal.

Problems will arise, that is just the nature of people and high stress projects. Your home build is a massive project to you and one that can cause a lot of worry and stress, so naturally others feel that. Trust in yourself, you hired them for a reason. If still you are unhappy, communicate that. Put it in writing, lay out your issues, use your voice.

If a tradesperson has an appointment with you, but doesn’t show up and doesn’t contact you, what do you do? If you’ve decided this person is the one you want to work with, don’t give up on them. There’s a very good chance they will be on the way or have a genuine reason for not showing. Give them the benefit of the doubt and call them. Especially if you have worked with them before, give them a chance to explain.

OK, you’ve got the quote and you’re ready to go ahead, but they won’t answer or return your calls. This is really a situation you need to decide for yourself. You’ve met with them before; did they seem genuine? Were you comfortable with them, did they respect you, is the quote fair, do you feel like they listened, are they definitely the ones you want to go with? If the answer to all of that is yes, then give it another go and call again. Obviously, if they still don’t get back to you, let it go. Your business is important, and should feel important to whoever you are hiring. If you feel slighted, take the time to search for an alternative.

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